Loony Limericks

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There was once a guitarist from Eire,

Who, distressed at the loss of his hair,

Jammed a hat on his head,

Yelled, "Remove it- yer dead!

Cos I can't stand my scalp when it's bare!"

By Boadicea von Smutt © NYCL 03.08.00

There was once a rock singer from Dublin,

Who wandered the city a-mumblin',

"I was feelin' so frisky,

I drank vodka and whiskey,

And now I'm so drunk that I'm stumblin'!"

By Boadicea von Smutt © NYCL 03.08.00

There once was a blonde-headed drummer,

Who drove a Harley instead of a Hummer.

"You sit in my chair,"

"I'll kill you, I swear!"

Being beat up by Larry's a bummer.

By Beth, Boadicea, and Mandi © NYCL 13.08.00

There once was a bassist named Adam,

Who was given the nickname of, "Madam."

He discarded his shirts,

And wore flowing red skirts

And girls the world over've had him.

By Boadicea © NYCL 13.08.00

My favourite bassist's named Adam.

Women 'round the world say they had him.

Even while at the drink,

He's more suave than you'd think.

Just wait 'til it's your ass he's grabbin'.

By Beth © NYCL 13.08.00